Ryle’s Tube

  • Specially designed for naso gastric introduction for nutrition and aspiration of intestinal secretion.
  • Distal end is coned with corrosion resistant stainless steel balls sealed into the assist the passage of the tubing during intubation.
  • The tube is marked at 50cm, 60cm & 70cm from the tip for accurate placement.
  • Manufactured from non toxic, non irritant PVC.
  • Four lateral eyes are provided for efficient aspiration and administration.
  • Super smooth low friction surface facilitates easy intubation.
  • Provided with X-ray opaque through out the length.
  • Sterile / Disposable / Individual packed.
Colour Code Blue Black White Green Orange Red Yellow Violet Light Blue
 Size FG 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24


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